Editorial Team


  1. Dr. Sibylle Artz, University of Victoria, Canada

Editorial Board Members

  1. Jim Anglin, University of Victoria, Canada
  2. Jessica Ball, University of Victoria, Canada
  3. Gordon Barnes, University of Victoria, Canada
  4. Natasha Blancet-Cohen, Concordia University, Canada
  5. Jerome Beker, University of Minnesota, United States
  6. Tullio Caputo, Carleton University, Canada
  7. Ted Dunlop, Ryerson University, Canada
  8. Grant Charles, University of British Columbia, Canada
  9. Les Foster, University of Victoria, Canada
  10. Cory Hansen, Arizona State University, Canada
  11. Francis Hare, Ryerson University, Canada
  12. Marie Hoskins, University of Victoria, Canada
  13. Dermot J. Hurley, Western University, Canada
  14. Wassilis Kassis, University of Osnabrueck, Germany
  15. Mark Krueger, University of Wisconsin, United States
  16. Frank Kuhn, Cornell University, United States
  17. Alan W. Leschied, Western University, Canada
  18. Varda Mann-Feder, Concordia University, Canada
  19. Richard Mitchell, Brock University, Canada
  20. Shannon Moore, Brock University, Canada
  21. Veronica Pacini-Ketchebaw, Western University, Canada
  22. Michaela Paul, University of Osnabrueck, Germany
  23. Alan Pence, University of Victoria, Canada
  24. Daniel Potter, American Institutes for Research, United States
  25. Dennis Raphael, York University, Canada
  26. Steve Redhead, Flinders University, Australia
  27. Tracy L. Robinson-Wood, Northeastern University, United States
  28. Shlomo Romi, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
  29. Andrew Schneider-Munoz, ACYCP Child and Youth Care Certification Board, United States
  30. Daniel Scott, University of Victoria, Canada
  31. Duane Seibel, Douglas College, Canada
  32. Hans Skott-Myhre, Brock University, Canada
  33. Susan Strega, University of Victoria, Canada
  34. Richard Sullivan, University of British Columbia, Canada
  35. Michel Vallee, Carleton University, Canada
  36. Shelly Whitman, Dalhousie University, Canada
  37. John Winterdyk, Mount Royal University, Canada