FICE International statement on Group Care for Children and Adolescents


Since its creation in 1948 under the auspices of UNESCO, FICE International (currently comprised of representatives from over 30 nations) has been working on developing and improving group care services for children and adolescents in need of out-of-home care. For almost 70 years, FICE has worked towards better fulfillment of the rights of children wherever in the world they may be. In order to fulfill this aim, FICE created initiatives for improving the professionalism of care workers (Grupper,1993; Van den Bergh, Knorth, Verheij & Lane, 2002), set up a Code of Ethics for residential care workers (Lane, 1998), and collaborated with ECOSOC and SOS International to create the Quality for Children Standards (2002). These quality standards are designed to support the fulfillment of the 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), especially while children and adolescents are living in out-of-home care facilities. Currently, FICE-International is working with the European initiative 'Moving Forward' geared to implementing the UN Guidelines for Alternative Care published in 2009.

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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Quality of Life and Family Quality of Life.



Guest Editors: Roy I. Brown, PhD and Alice Schippers, PhD.


Quality of Life and Family Quality of Life have become important issues in the field of disabilities and beyond and include understanding the experiences of children with disabilities and their siblings and parents, who together, are facing all manner of challenges in their families across a wide spectrum of experience throughout the life span. With this in mind, we invite the submission of articles across the full range of family related issues, articles that speak to an array of approaches to practice, assessment, and to the identification of supports that have been developed or are being piloted as well as to issues of policy. Where possible, we believe it important to include examples of effective support and successful outcomes that increase individual and/or family quality of life and wellbeing. We also welcome articles on allied topics, keeping in mind the audience of the International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies.


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Links to new Books

We are pleased to be able to invite our readers to visit the links to the two websites below where you will find information about two recently published, highly important new books:  
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Childcare Press


We are pleased to be able to invite our readers to visit the Childcare Press website and trust that this will provide everyone with a link to many highly relevant books.

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The IJCYFS Review


Dear Colleagues,

We have recently created a new blog space that we’re very excited about and we hope you’ll take the time to check it out. The IJCYFS Review has been designed to offer an experimental space for lively, critical and topical conversations related to the fields of childhood, youth, and family studies. We especially encourage submissions that extend upon, or offer generative critiques of, articles published in the open access International Journal of Child Youth and Family Studies.

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