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Alternative education and flexi schools: Responsive education provision for disenfranchised young people

Guest Editors: Marnee Shay, Dr Ann Morgan, A/Prof Deborah Heck, A/Prof Jo Lampert

This special issue is focussed on exploring alternative pathways in education for disenfranchised children and young people. Alternative education is the umbrella term used in the literature that describes models of education operating outside conventional schooling. These approaches range along a continuum from those focused on changing young people to fit the dominant education paradigm through to approaches that aim to change the provision of education to meet the needs of young people. Many young people internationally are disenfranchised from education and experience multiple challenges that limit their access and engagement in education. Young people who are overrepresented in alternative education include those who experience a range of complexities such as: poverty; homelessness; substance misuse; domestic and family violence; generational unemployment; involvement in the criminal justice system; involvement in child protection systems and/or  foster  care;  special  needs;  and  mental  health  issues.  Likewise,  young  people  who  are refugees, LGBTIQ, First Nations and speak English as an additional language are more likely to engage in alternative education pathways.

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Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals for a Special Issue: Educating for the Next Generation  
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