: IJIH Announces Editorial Advisory Board Members

International Journal of Indigenous Health Editorial Advisory Board Members



Heather Castleden, PhD

School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Faculty of Management

Dalhousie University


Suzanne Christopher, PhD

Department of Health and Human Development

Montana State University


Margo Greenwood, PhD

Department of First Nations Studies

University of Northern British Columbia


Maura Hanrahan, PhD

Division of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine

Memorial University


Rod McCormick, PhD

Professor and Chair, Aboriginal Child and Maternal Health

Thompson Rivers University


Jennifer Poudrier, PhD

Department of Sociology

University of Saskatchewan


Charlotte Reading, PhD

School of Public Health and Social Policy, Faculty of Human and Social Development

University of Victoria


Julianne Sanguins, PhD

Department of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

University of Manitoba, Manitoba Métis Federation


Fred Wien, PhD

School of Social Work

Dalhousie University