Welcome from the Editor

On behalf of the Aboriginal Health Research Networks Secretariat (AHRNetS) I am pleased to welcome you to the new website for the online and open access International Journal for Indigenous Health (formerly entitled Journal of Aboriginal Health). This Journal is dedicated to sharing knowledge about Indigenous health from diverse and international perspectives. The International Journal of Indigenous Health is now accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

The original National Journal of Aboriginal Health (JAH) was published by the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) from 2004-2012. With termination of NAHO funding in 2012, the Journal was transferred to AHRNetS at the University of Victoria. The JAH has since been renamed the International Journal of Indigenous Health to reflect a growing international readership.

The AHRNetS is comprised of nine Network Environments for Aboriginal Health Research (NEAHRs) that have engaged in targeted capacity-building in Aboriginal health research across Canada for over a decade. Within Canada, the NEAHRs have been key to development of international connections in Indigenous health research. Through this Journal it is anticipated that there will be an opportunity for increased sharing, understanding and development of knowledge to address the significant disparities in health among Indigenous peoples globally.

If you are interested in receiving future publications, please register online. Feedback is always welcome and readers are encouraged to contact the Journal at Email: ijih@uvic.ca.

In the spirit of health and healing,

Charlotte Reading, PhD