Social Capital and Aboriginal Communities: A critical assessment Synthesis and assessment of the body of knowledge on social capital with emphasis on Aboriginal communities

Javier Mi


The social capital paper consists of four sections. Synthesis and Assessment of the Body of Knowledge on Social Capital with Emphasis on Aboriginal Communities provides a general background and overview of the concept of social capital, discussing its intellectual history and examining the areas of study where the notion of social capital has been applied to. It reviews in-depth the use of the concept of social capital for the study of Aboriginal communities. The Measurement of Social Capital and its Impacts with Emphasis on Aboriginal Communities examines the literature related to the measurement of the concept of social capital and synthesizes research that has sought to assess the impact of social capital on various societal outcomes. Influencing Social Capital: A Review of the Literature with Emphasis on Aboriginal Communities reviews both research and policy initiatives that sought to impact social capital of communities and understand the potential mechanisms at play. It presents some case descriptions and addresses the evidence related to influencing social capital and potential interventions to that effect. Aboriginal Social Capital: A Review of the Literature pulls together the main conclusions from the previous documents and provides guidance in relation to the potential of social capital as a notion for research and practice among Aboriginal communities.


Social capital, social capital and Aboriginal communities, social capital and measurement, social capital and health



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