Vol 1, No 1

Journal of Aboriginal Health

Governance of Aboriginal Health

Table of Contents

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Richard Jock, Judith Bartlett 2-3
John O'Neil 4-5

Research Papers

Governed by Contracts: The Development of Indigenous Primary Health Services in Canada, Australia and New Zealand
Josée G. Lavoie 6-24
Aboriginal Health Systems in Canada: Nine Case Studies
Laurel Lemchuk-Favel, Richard Jock 28-51
Clearing the Path for Community Health Empowerment: Integrating Health Care Services at an Aboriginal Health Access Centre in Rural North Central Ontario
Marion Maar 54-64
The Politics of Trust and Participation: A Case Study in Developing First Nations and University Capacity to Build Health Information Systems in a First Nations Context
Brenda Elias, John O’Neil, Doreen Sanderson 68-78
Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession (OCAP) or Self-Determination Applied to Research: A Critical Analysis of Contemporary First Nations Research and Some Options for First Nations Communities
Brian Schnarch 80-95
Ethics of Aboriginal Research
Marlene Brant Castellano 98-114
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