Vol 3, No 1

Journal of Aboriginal Health

Table of Contents

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From Woundedness to Resilience
David Newhouse 2-3


‘From Woundedness to Resilience’: A Critical Review from an Aboriginal Perspective
Barry Lavallee, Lorne Clearsky 4-6


Community and Culture as Foundations for Resilience: Participatory Health Research with First Nations Student Filmmakers
Ted Riecken, Tish Scott, Michele T. Tanaka 7-14
Stress-coping Among Aboriginal Individuals with Diabetes in an Urban Canadian City: From Woundedness to Resilience
Yoshitaka Iwasaki, Judith Bartlett 15-25
Personal Health Practices Around Physical Activity as Perceived by the Aboriginal Children of Prince Edward Island
Kim A. Critchley, Fiona Walton, Vianne Timmons, Janet Bryanton, Mary Jean McCarthy, Jennifer Taylor 26-33
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Douglas Durst, Shelly Manuel South, Mary Bluechardt 34-43
Engaging Numbers: Developing Health Indicators that Matter for First Nations and Inuit People
Bonnie Jeffery, Sylvia Abonyl, Ronald Labonte, Kerrie Duncan 44-52

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