Vol 4, No 1

Journal of Aboriginal Health

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Canadian Aboriginal Women and Health
Caroline L. Tait 2; 4


Cree Women Speak: Intergenerational Perspectives on Weight Gain during Pregnancy and Weight Loss after Pregnancy
Helen Vallianatos, Erin A. Brennand, Kim Raine, Queenie Stephen, Beatrice Petawabano, David Dannenbaum, Noreen D. Willows 6-14
Embodiment and the Meaning of the “Healthy Body”: An Exploration of First Nations Women’s Perspectives of Healthy Body Weight and Body Image
Jennifer Poudrier, Janice Kennedy 15-24
Tradition and Culture: An Important Determinant of Inuit Women’s Health
Gwen K. Healey 25-33
Meeting the Health Care Needs of Elderly Métis Women in Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan
Brigette Krieg, Diane Martz 34-41
The Intersecting Risks of Violence and HIV for Rural Aboriginal Women in a Neo-Colonial Canadian Context
Colleen Varcoe, Sheila Dick 42-52
Silencing of Voice: An Act of Structural Violence Urban Aboriginal Women Speak Out About Their Experiences with Health Care
Donna L. M. Kurtz, Jessie C. Nyberg, Susan Van Den Tillaart, Buffy Mills, The Okanagan Urban Aboriginal Health Res (OUAHRC) 53-63
Balancing the Medicine Wheel through Physical Activity
Lynn Lavallée 64-71
Hand Drumming: Health-Promoting Experiences of Aboriginal Women from a Northern Ontario Urban Community
Ghislaine Goudreau, Cora Weber-Pillwax, Sheila Cote-Meek, Helen Madill, Stan Wilson 72-83
In Memoriam: Dr. Gail Guthrie Valaskakis (1939-2007)

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