Vol 8, No 1

Journal of Aboriginal Health

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Walking With Our Ancestors
Simon Brascoupé 2-3; 4
Exploring HPV Infections and Cervical Screening With Multiple Lenses
Integrated HPV Working Group Federal Government 5-6; 7-8


When the Data Does Not Match the Story: Do Trauma Histories and Addiction Issues Really Characterize Poor Cervical Cancer Screening Uptake Among Manitoba First Nation Women Living On-Reserve?
Brenda Elias, Madelyn Hall, Say P. Hong, Erich V. Kliewer, Lyna Hart 9-16
Intimate Stories: Aboriginal Women’s Lived Experiences of Health Services in Northern British Columbia and the Potential of Creative Arts to Raise Awareness About HPV, Cervical Cancer, and Screening
Virginia L. Russell, Sarah de Leeuw 18-27
HPV Dectection by Self-Sampling in Nunavik, Quebec: Inuit Women’s Sampling Method Preferences
Helen Cerigo, Mary Ellen Macdonald, Eduardo L. Franco, Paul Brassard 29-39
Ethical Space for a Sensitive Research Topic: Engaging First Nations Women in the Development of Culturally Safe Human Papillomavirus Screening
Ingeborg Zehbe, Marion Maar, Amy J. Nahwegahbow, Kayla SM Berst, Janine Pintar 41-50

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