Vol 10, No 2


Table of Contents

Contest Winners

Aisle 15, Household Linens
Judy Burgess 1-8
Quw’utsun Dan
Judy Burgess 9-16
Trish Brooke 17-22
Giving Him Up
Susan Braley 23
Judith Castle 24-25
Linda K. Thomson 26-27
For Want of a Nail
Michael McGovern 28-31
China Bites
Kathryn McAllister 32-37
Land of Kami
Laura Seabury Smith 38-40
Cherubs are a Pain in the Neck
Samantha Ainsworth 42-48
Janet Caplan 49-55
The Raven Speaks at Haida Gwaii
Derek Peach 56-57
Circle of Swallows
Garth von Buchholz 58
Apologies to Portia
Terry Huntington 59
Highland Spring
Julie Adamson 60-61
Night Flights
Phil Rogers 62
in summer’s heat
Daniel Scott 63
The Valley
Gordon Alexander 64-70
View from a Wheelchair
Peggie Law 71-72
Not for the Faint of Heart
C.J. Van Elslande 73-76
The King`s Speech
Peter A. Morris 77-78
Ted Ross 79-84
Evan`s Rude
John A. Mayzel 85-88
David R.
Adele Hansen 89-95
My Father
Giselle Loepher 96-98

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