Vol 10, No 2


Table of Contents

Contest Winners

Aisle 15, Household Linens
Judy Burgess 1
Quw’utsun Dan
Judy Burgess 9
Trish Brooke 17
Giving Him Up
Susan Braley 23
Judith Castle 24
Linda K. Thomson 26
For Want of a Nail
Michael McGovern 28
China Bites
Kathryn McAllister 32
Land of Kami
Laura Seabury Smith 38


Cherubs are a Pain in the Neck
Samantha Ainsworth 42
Janet Caplan 49
The Raven Speaks at Haida Gwaii
Derek Peach 56
Circle of Swallows
Garth von Buchholz 58
Apologies to Portia
Terry Huntington 59
Highland Spring
Julie Adamson 60
Night Flights
Phil Rogers 62
in summer’s heat
Daniel Scott 63
The Valley
Gordon Alexander 64
View from a Wheelchair
Peggie Law 71
Not for the Faint of Heart
C.J. Van Elslande 73
The King`s Speech
Peter A. Morris 77
Ted Ross 79
Evan`s Rude
John A. Mayzel 85
David R.
Adele Hansen 89
My Father
Giselle Loepher 96

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