Vol 11, No 1 (2013)


Table of Contents


For the Love of Jennifer
Judy Burgess 3
Witch Trials
Steve Szalai 6
Someone Else
Peter Learn 11
Forever Onward
Nik Sven Hill 18
Postcards: The Story of a Lifetime
Gordon Alexander 22
Damned if you Do
Andrew Sibbald 24
Diana Jones 28


The Ritz
Trenton Crawford 35
The Red Cap Boys
David Fraser 37
Robin A. Sams 38
Hide and Seek
Pamela Clarke Vandall 39
Alicia Marie Lawrence 40
The Return
Judith Castle 41
Grasscutter's Symphony
Daniela Lorenzi 42
Pamela Langevin 43
the angle of fear
Daniel Scott 44

Creattive Non-Fiction

Cut on the Bias
Laura Seabury Smith 47
The Wright Brothers: Their Part in my Education
Chandar Sundaram 50
Train 516
Adele Hansen 52
Ski Trip to Forbidden Plateau
Ted Ross 55
Imagining Granddad
Tony Pargeter 60
A Wagon for Folks
C.J. Van Elslande 66
Sandwiches, 1959
Jan MacRae 71
Cathy Korpela 72
Dancing on the River
John Paterson 77

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