Vol 11, No 2


Table of Contents

Contest Winners

Cougar Bait
Judy Burgess 1-4
Christmas Morning
John Paterson 5-9
E.C. Nahne 10-18
low tide
Kyle Kushnir 19-20
The Other Storm
Marlene Grand Maitre 21-22
Daniel Scott 23
How to Break an Old Man’s Heart
Jenny Vester 24-29
Falling Into Snow
Christine Henry 30-35
Que vive el toro
Barbara Black 36-39


Jessica Drummond 43-44
A Trip to Tamburang
Gillian Bridge 45-51
The Yellow Park
Traci Skuce 52-55


Judy McIlmoyl McIlmoyl 56
Painted rocks and carports on Cedar Hill Road
Dayna E. Mazzuca 57
Pamela Clarke Vandall 58
Elegy for My Youngest Brother
Susan Braley 59-60
First Prize at the Alix Fair
Pat Scanlan 61
Six Decembers
David Fraser 62
Divination in Pandora Cafe
Ariel Dawn 63
Bowron Lake
C.J. Van Elslande 64
Mother’s Word Salad
Lynne Mustard 65
Samantha Ainsworth 66

Creattive Non-Fiction

A Summer Job on the CNR
Ted Ross 67-71
Middle Class
Gillian Cornwall 72-74
The Gift
John Mayzel 75-80

Book Reviews

A Garden in the Wilderness by Edeana Malcolm
Sheila Martindale 81-82
Victoria Bench by Bench by Rebecca Kennel
Sheila Martindale 83-84
The Best Soldier’s Wife by Katrin Horowitz
Derek Peach 85-86

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