Vol 12, No 1


Table of Contents

Creattive Non-Fiction

What Does it Mean to be Old?
Katrin Horowitz 1-2
The Castaway
Terry Huntington 3-8
The Bowron
C.J. Van Elslande 9-13
No Problem or Did this Canadian Compromise Help to End the Cold War?
David Stirling 14-16
Super Salesman
Jerry Hayes 17-19
Triple Whammy
Judy Burgess 20-22


Rain Drops
Bernice Lever 23
Linda S. Peterson 24
Gisela Ruebsaat 25-16
Grandma’s Garden
Margaret Ayers Minshall 27
Lost Image – Grand Bend
Robert Tuomi 28-29
In Mahone Bay
Pat Scanlan 30
Goodbye, 1946
Judith Castle 31-32
Judith Castle 33


Brianna Cerkiewicz 34-41

Book Reviews

One Room and a Penknife Teaching and Travelling in Peru by Beverly Brookman and Derek Peach
Terry Huntington 42
Finnish Beginnings by Rauni Ollikainen
Sheila Martindale 44-45
Nubra Valley Odyssey by Terence Huntington
Judith Castle 46-47
The Road to Puthukkad – the birth of a tea estate in South India by Gordon Alexander
Sheila Martindale 48-49

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