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On behalf of the Editorial Board, I am pleased to present Volume Ten of Musicological Explorations, a journal published by the graduate students of the School of Music at the University of Victoria. The intent of the journal is to enrich musicological discourse at the university level, providing a forum for scholarly work by graduate students and faculty.

It has been my honour to oversee the production of Musicological Explorations in this landmark year. Having received an unprecedented number of submissions from both North American and International authors, it is my pleasure to present for the first time four diverse articles that reflect the historical, theoretical, and sociological studies in music fostered by this journal and those who support it.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the board for their work and dedication this past year. I would also like to thank the Faculty Advisor, Dr. Jonathan Goldman for his invaluable assistance and guidance in producing this year’s journal. For their generous funding contributions, we gratefully acknowledge the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Student Society, and the School of Music at the University of Victoria.

I look to the continued success of the journal and of the authors whose work is published herein. I hope that our readers will continue to support the journal through subscriptions and submissions.

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