On Politics

On Politics is the journal of the University of Victoria Undergraduates of Political Science. It seeks to provide opportunities for undergraduate publishing, and to encourage undergraduate scholarship. The Journal publishes high-quality academic writing from a multitude of theoretical perspectives and sub-fields within the discipline of political science, as well as interdisciplinary perspectives. With these broad aims and inclusive features, On Politics presents an accommodating format to disseminate scholarship of a political nature from those who seldom gain the opportunity. On Politics publishes two issues per year.

Vol 11, No 1 (2017): Fall

Table of Contents

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The Myth of Multiculturalism: Germany's 'Failure' Contextualized
Sarah Broitman
Beyond Semantics: Interpretations of EU Directive and Migrant Education
Riley Sun
Social Fact in Chaoulli v. Quebec and Carter v. Canada: Negative and Positive Rights in Ideological Interplay
Myim Bakan Kline
Is Proportional Best for Israel? The Challenges of Proportional Representation in Israil
Jacob Noseworthy
Machiavelli and Gene Sharp: Pragmatists for Different Times
Jonathan Carroll