Journal Sponsorship


The editorial board of Peninsula is based in the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria, a uniquely critical school where creative reflections on politics are welcomed and encouraged. The Department is renowned for the quality of its faculty members and the programs in which they take part. Because of the their fertile research, teaching, and various academic projects, a number of well-recognized scholars of political theory have contributed in particular to the reputation of the department. We, the graduate students, find their work and their personality inspiring, and we therefore sought to participate in stimulating intellectual life by creating a journal in political theory. Our project comes from a place of sincere enthusiasm vis-a-vis the politically inquisitive climate of this Department. We hope that our unique learning experience can be reflected in this journal and, in turn, inspire incoming students as well as the academic community in general.

University of Victoria

Sources of Support

Peninsula is grateful to the following people and organizations for their gracious financial support:

  • The Interdisciplinary Program in Cultural, Social and Political Thought (UVic)
  • The Department of Political Science (UVic)
  • Dr. James Tully, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Law, Indigenous Governance and Philosophy (UVic)
  • Dr. Arthur Kroker, Director of the Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture and Canada Research Chair in Technology, Culture and Theory (UVic)