Vol 15, No 6 (1995)

Table of Contents

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Lynne Rudder Baker, Explaining Attitudes. A Practical Approach to the Mind
Reviewed by
Anne Jaap Jacobson 375-377
Jonathan Barnes, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle
Reviewed by
Howard J. Curzer 377-379
Peter Baumgartner and Sabine Payr, eds., Speaking Minds: Interviews with Twenty Eminent Cognitive Scientists
Reviewed by
Valerie Gray Hardcastle 380-382
Robert Bolton, Person, Soul and Identity. A Neoplatonic Account of the Principle of Personality
Reviewed by
Steven J. Willett 382-385
Dan W. Brock, Life and Death: Philosophical Essays in Biomedical Ethics
Reviewed by
Keith Burgess-Jackson 385-389
Andrew Cutrofello, The Owl at Dawn: A Sequel to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit
Reviewed by
Byron Williston 389-391
William Desmond, Perplexity and Ultimacy: Metaphysical Thoughts from the Middle
Reviewed by
Ronald M. Carrier 392-393
Martin C. Dillon, Semiological Reductionism: A Critique of the Deconstructionist Movement in Postmodern Thought
Reviewed by
Steve Young 394-396
G.L. Hagberg, Art as Language: Wittgenstein, Meaning, and Aesthetic Theory
Reviewed by
Judith Genova 396-397
Russell Hardin, One For All
Reviewed by
Bart Schultz 398-403
Sidney Hook, John Dewey, An Intellectual Portrait
Reviewed by
H.G. Callaway 403-407
Nasir Khan, Development of the Concept and Theory of Alienation in Marx's Writings
Reviewed by
Jay Raskin 408-410
E.J. Lowe, Locke on Human Understanding
Reviewed by
Edward Barbanell 410-412
Diane L. Prosser MacDonald, Transgressive Corporeality: The Body, Poststructuralism, and the Theological Imagination
Reviewed by
Steve D'Arcy 412-414
Gregory McCulloch, The Mind and its World
Reviewed by
Barry Dainton 415-417
Frederick J. McGinness, Right Thinking and Sacred Oratory in Counter-Reformation Rome
Reviewed by
John Haldane 417-418
Paul K. Moser and J.D. Trout, Contemporary Materialism: A Reader
Reviewed by
George E.A. Williamson 419-421
Luis E. Navia, The Philosophy of Cynicism: An Annotated Bibliography
Reviewed by
Chris Borst 421-422
Michael Palmer, Moral Problems: A Course book
Reviewed by
Robert Halliday 422-423
Graham Parkes, Composing the Soul: The Reaches of Nietzsche's Psychology
Reviewed by
Adam Muller 424-426
Gila Sher, The Bounds of Logic: a Generalized Viewpoint
Reviewed by
David J. Stump 426-428
Charles Taliaferro, Consciousness and the Mind of God
Reviewed by
Thomas D. Senor 428-430
Jonathan Westphal, ed., Certainty
Reviewed by
Rory A.A. Hinton 431-432
R.S. Woolhouse, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz: The concept of substance in seventeenth-century metaphysics
Reviewed by
John P. Wright 432-434

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