Vol 13, No 5 (1993)

Table of Contents

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Theodor Adorno, Quasi una Fantasia: Essays on Modern Music
Reviewed by
Thomas Huhn 207-209
Giorgio Agamben, The Coming Community
Reviewed by
Deborah Cook 209-211
Seyla Benhabib, Situating the Self: Gender, Community, and Postmodernism in Contemporary Ethics
Reviewed by
Robin Schott 212-215
Arnold Berleant, The Aesthetics of Environment
Reviewed by
Yuriko Saito 215-217
Sylvain Bromberger, On What We Know We Don't Know
Reviewed by
Paul K. Moser 218-220
Stephen H. Cutcliffe, Steven L. Goldman, Manuel Medina and José Sanmartin, New Worlds, New Technologies, New Issues
Reviewed by
Richard Deitrich 220-222
Peter Danielson, Artificial Morality: Virtuous Robots for Virtual Games
Reviewed by
Paul Viminitz 223-225
Jacques Derrida, Given Time: I. Counterfeit Money
Reviewed by
Ingrid Harris 225-227
Bradley H. Dowden, Logical Reasoning
Reviewed by
Richard Reiner 228-229
Shaun Gallagher, Hermeneutics and Education
Reviewed by
Dieter Misgeld 230-232
Yvon Gauthier, La Logique interne des théories physiques
Reviewed by
Maurice Gagnon 232-234
Mark L. Greenberg and Lance Schacterle, eds., Literature and Technology
Reviewed by
Edmund F. Byrne 235-237
Lawrence E. Johnson, Focusing on Truth
Reviewed by
Glen Koehn 237-239
Immanuel Kant, Lectures on Logic
Reviewed by
Robert A. Holland 239-241
Charles D. Laughlin, Jr, John McManus and Eugene G. D'Aquili, Brain, Symbol and Experience
Reviewed by
David L. Thompson 241-244
Gareth B. Matthews, Thought's Ego in Augustine and Descartes
Reviewed by
Steven L. Reynolds 245-247
David MacGregor, Hegel, Marx and the English State
Reviewed by
John McMurtry 247-250
Kevin R. Murphy, Honesty in the Workplace
Reviewed by
Mike W. Martin 251-252
David Novitz, The Boundaries of Art
Reviewed by
Ira Newman 253-255
Bertell Ollman, Dialectical Investigations
Reviewed by
Robert Ware 255-257
Benjamin B. Page, ed., Marxism and Spirituality: An International Anthology
Reviewed by
Robert C. Trundle 258-260
Ladislas Robert, Les Horloges biologiques
Reviewed by
Yves Laberge 260-260
Tom Rockmore and Beth Singer, eds., Antifoundationalism Old and New
Reviewed by
Walter Watson 261-263
John Sallis, ed., Reading Heidegger: Commemorations
Reviewed by
Thomas A. Fay 263-265
Joachim Schulte and Göran Sundholm, eds., Criss-Crossing a Philosophical Landscape
Nicholas Gier 266-268
Susan Sherwin, No Longer Patient: Feminist Ethics and Health Care
Reviewed by
Christine Harrison 268-270
François Sirois, Les Néuroses
Reviewed by
Yves Laberge 270-271
Lawrence Sklar, Philosophy of Physics
Reviewed by
W.D. Sharp 271-273
Paul Thom, For An Audience: A Philosophy of the Performing Arts
Reviewed by
Thom Heyd 274-276
J.O. Urmson, trans., Simplicius: On Aristotle's Physics 4.1-5, 10-14
Reviewed by
Paul T. Keyser 277-279
Stephen A. White, Sovereign Virtue
Reviewed by
McKee G. Lee 279-282

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