Vol 10, No 3 (1990)

Table of Contents

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Joseph Agassi, The Gentle Art of Philosophical Polemics.
Reviewed by
A.J. Dale 89-91
Richard E. Aquila, Matter in Mind: A Study of Kant's Transcendental Deduction.
Reviewed by
D.P. Dryer 91-92
Annette Barnes, On Interpretation: A Critical Analysis.
Reviewed by
Michael Hancher 93-95
Jon Barwise, The Situation in Logic.
Reviewed by
Alasdair Urquhart 96-98
F. Neil Brady, Ethical Managing: Rules and Results.
Reviewed by
Ken Hanly 98-101
Jonathan Dancy, ed., Perceptual Knowledge.
Reviewed by
D.L.C. MacLachlan 101-104
Shadia B. Drury, The Political Ideas of Leo Strauss.
Reviewed by
Leon H. Craig 104-109
Carol Gould, ed., The Information Web: Ethical and Social Implications of Computer Networking.
Reviewed by
Kristin Shrader-Frechette 110-112
Russell Hardin, Morality within the Limits of Reason.
Reviewed by
Wendy Donner 112-115
Peter H. Hare, ed., Doing Philosophy Historically.
Reviewed by
Anthony Kerby 115-118
Paul Harris, ed., Civil Disobedience.
Reviewed by
T.C. Pocklington 118-120
Zellig Harris, Language and Information.
Reviewed by
Ken Warmbröd 121-123
Mark Warren, Nietzsche and Political Thought.
Reviewed by
Robert Nicholls 123-127

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