Vol 10, No 5 (1990)

Table of Contents

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Norman E. Bowie, ed., Equal Opportunity.
Reviewed by
Jack Iwanicki 175-177
Robert Cummins, Meaning and Mental Representation.
Reviewed by
Stephen P. Stich 177-180
Laurence R. Horn, A Natural History of Negation.
Reviewed by
Brendan S. Gillon 181-184
Peter Johnson, Politics, Innocence and the Limits of Goodness.
Reviewed by
S.E. Marshall 184-186
Michael H. Mitias, What Makes an Experience Aesthetic?
Reviewed by
Doug Simak 187-189
Jeffrie G. Murphy and Jules L. Coleman, Philosophy of Law.
Reviewed by
Tim Dare 189-192
Matthew H. Nitecki, ed., Evolutionary Progress.
Reviewed by
Marga Vicedo 192-195
Jan Österberg, Self and Others.
Reviewed by
Brian Keenan 196-198
Charles Sampford, The Disorder of Law: A Critique of Legal Theory.
Reviewed by
Andrew Altman 198-201
F.W.J. Schelling, The Philosophy of Art. Trans. Douglas W. Stott.
Reviewed by
Joseph P. Lawrence 201-204
Hugh J. Silverman and Donn Welton, eds., Postmodernism and Continental Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Andrea Nye 204-206
William C. Starr and Richard C. Taylor, eds., Moral Philosophy: Historical and Contemporary Essays.
Reviewed by
Elmar J. Kremer 207-209
Kerry S. Walters, The Sane Society Ideal in Modern Utopianism.
Reviewed by
André Mineau 209-211
George Wilson, The Intentionality of Human Action.
Reviewed by
Gerald W. Barnes 212-216

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