Vol 10, No 8 (1990)

Table of Contents

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William P. Alston, Divine Nature and Divine Language: Essays in Philosophical Theology.
Reviewed by
Jay Newman 301-303
E.E. Benitez, Forms in Plato's Philebus.
Reviewed by
Samuel Scolnicov 303-305
Geoffrey Brown, The Information Game: Ethical Issues in a Microchip World.
Reviewed by
Mary B. Williams 306-308
John Martin Fischer, ed., God, Foreknowledge, and Freedom.
Reviewed by
Linda Zagzebski 309-311
Jonathan Glover and others, Ethics of New Reproductive Technologies.
Reviewed by
Elisabeth Boetzkes 311-313
Nelson Goodman and Catherine Z. Elgin, Reconceptions in Philosophy and Other Arts and Sciences.
Reviewed by
Douglas Arrell 313-316
David Granfield, The Inner Experience of Law: A Jurisprudence of Subjectivity.
Reviewed by
Joseph Boyle 316-318
David L. Hull, The Metaphysics of Evolution.
Reviewed by
William A. Rottschaefer 319-321
Wolfgang lser, Prospecting: From Reader Response to Literary Anthropology.
Reviewed by
Margaret M. Van de Pitte 322-325
Raymond Martin, The Past Within Us: An Empirical Approach to the Philosophy of History.
Reviewed by
Steve Fuller 326-328
Lynne McFall, Happiness.
Reviewed by
Peter Miller 328-330
John L. Pollock, Technical Methods in Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Paul K. Moser 331-332
Jenny Teichman, Philosophy and the Mind.
Reviewed by
Karl Pfeifer 332-333
Robert Ware and Kai Nielsen, eds., Analyzing Marxism. Canadian Journal of Philosophy Supplementary Volume 15.
Reviewed by
Tony Smith 334-336
Norbert Waszek, The Scottish Enlightenment and Hegel's Account of 'Civil Society'.
Reviewed by
Manfred Kuehn 336-338
L. Wittgenstein, Lectures on Philosophical Psychology 1946-47. Ed. P.T. Geach.
Reviewed by
J.F.M. Hunter 339-341
Richard M. Zaner, ed., Death: Beyond Whole-Brain Criteria.
Reviewed by
Glenn G. Griener 341-343

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