Vol 10, No 10 (1990)

Table of Contents

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Oded Balaban, Subject and Consciousness: A Philosophical Inquiry into Self-Consciousness.
Reviewed by
Anthony Kerby 391-393
David Braine and Harry Lesser, eds., Ethics, Technology and Medicine.
Reviewed by
Vangie Bergum 394-396
Peter Caws, ed., The Causes of Quarrel: Essays on Peace, War and Thomas Hobbes.
Reviewed by
Michael H. Lessnoff 396-399
Paul M. Churchland, A Neurocomputational Perspective: The Nature of Mind and the Structure of Science.
Reviewed by
Jeffrey Foss 399-402
Jacques Derrida, Of Spirit: Heidegger and the Question. trans. Geoffrey Bennington and Rachel Bowlby.
Reviewed by
Robert Burch 403-407
Steve Fuller, Philosophy of Science and Its Discontents.
Reviewed by
Michael Malone 407-410
Mary Louise Gill, Aristotle on Substance.
Reviewed by
Lloyd P. Gerson 410-413
Will Kymlicka, Liberalism, Community and Culture.
Reviewed by
James W. Nickel 413-415
Keith Lehrer, Theory of Knowledge.
Reviewed by
James O. Young 416-418
Joseph Margolis, Science Without Unity.
Reviewed by
James Van Evra 418-420
Christine Overall, Ethics and Human Reproduction: A Feminist Analysis.
Reviewed by
Joan C. Callahan 421-423
Shane Phelan, Identity Politics: Lesbian Feminism and the Limits of Community.
Reviewed by
Lois Pineau 423-427
Herman Rapaport, Heidegger & Derrida: Reflections on Time and Language.
Reviewed by
Deborah Cook 427-429
Mark Richard, Propositional Attitudes: An Essay on Thoughts and How we Ascribe Them.
Reviewed by
M.J. Cresswell 430-432
Nancy L. Rosenblum, ed., Liberalism and the Moral Life.
Reviewed by
Emily R. Gill 433-435

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