Vol 10, No 12 (1990)

Table of Contents

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Jose A. Benardete, Metaphysics: The Logical Approach.
Reviewed by
D.E. Bradshaw 481-483
Seth Benardete, Socrates' Second Sailing.
Reviewed by
S. Corbett 483-486
Jack Donnelly, Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice.
Reviewed by
A.J.M. Milne 487-489
Rita Felski, Beyond Feminist Aesthetics: Feminist Literature and Social Change.
Reviewed by
Carolyn Korsmeyer 489-492
David Gauthier, Moral Dealing: Contract, Ethics, and Reason.
Reviewed by
Thomas W. Pogge 492-495
Etienne Gilson, Linguistics and Philosophy: An Essay on the Philosophical Constants of Language.
Reviewed by
Steven Baldner 495-498
Richard Grathoff, ed., Philosophers in Exile.
Reviewed by
E.F. Kaelin 498-500
Rudolf Haller, Questions on Wittgenstein.
Reviewed by
Garth L. Hallett 500-502
Michael H. McCarthy, The Crisis of Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Hugo Meynell 502-504
John O'Neill, The Communicative Body: Studies in Communicative Philosophy, Politics, and Sociology.
Reviewed by
Duane H. Davis 505-508
Catherine Wilson, Leibniz's Metaphysics: A Historical and Comparative Study.
Reviewed by
Robert McRae 508-512

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