Vol 9, No 1 (1989)

Table of Contents

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John Cleary, ed., Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy, Vol. III.
Reviewed by
Lynne Spellman 1-4
Alan Donagan, Choice: The Essential Element in Human Action.
Reviewed by
Kenneth Rankin 4-6
Peter Galison, How Experiments End.
Reviewed by
Niall Shanks 7-10
Jean-Yves Goffi, La philosophie de la technique.
Reviewed by
Carl Mitcham 10-13
Carol C. Gould, Rethinking Democracy: Freedom and Social Cooperation in Politics, Economy and Society.
Reviewed by
Frank Cunningham 13-16
William Horosz, Search Without Idols.
Reviewed by
Constance L. Mui 16-19
Wolfgang Iser, Walter Pater: The Aesthetic Moment.
Reviewed by
John Fisher 19-22
Mark D. Johnston, The Spiritual Logic of Ramon Llull.
Reviewed by
E.J. Ashworth 22-24
Kenneth Kipnis and Diana T. Meyers eds., Political Realism and International Morality.
Reviewed by
Haskell Fain 25-26
David Lamb, Down the Slippery Slope: Arguing in Applied Ethics.
Reviewed by
Joel Rudinow 26-29
David Lamb, Teifion Davies, and Marie Roberts, eds., Explorations in Medicine, Vol. 1.
Reviewed by
John Howie 30-32
Alphonso Lingis, Phenomenological Explanations.
Reviewed by
Don Ihde 33-34
Gary Smith, ed., On Walter Benjamin: Critical Essays and Recollections.
Reviewed by
Lori Turner 34-37
Eric Voegelin, In Search of Order.
Reviewed by
Patricia Altenbernd Johnson 37-39
Anthony Wilden, The Rules Are No Game: The Strategy of Communication.
Reviewed by
Robert Ginsberg 39-42

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