Vol 9, No 2 (1989)

Table of Contents

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Werner Callebaut and Rik Pinxten, eds., Evolutionary Epistemology: A Multiparadigm Program.
Reviewed by
John Collier 43-44
Marsha Hanen and Kai Nielsen, eds., Science, Morality & Feminist Theory.
Reviewed by
Judith Genova 45-46
David Hilbert, Color and Color Perception: A Study in Anthropocentric Realism.
Reviewed by
C.L. Hardin 47-49
David Ingram, Habermas and the Dialectic of Reason.
Reviewed by
Raymond A. Morrow 50-53
Ray Jackendoff, Consciousness and the Computational Mind.
Reviewed by
Albert Flores 53-55
Gavin Kitching, Karl Marx and the Philosophy of Praxis.
Reviewed by
Scott Meikle 56-58
John Losee, Philosophy of Science and Historical Enquiry.
Reviewed by
Joel M. Smith 58-60
Patrick Monahan, Politics and the Constitution.
Reviewed by
Michael Hartney 61-63
Patrick Murray, Marx's Theory of Scientific Knowledge.
Reviewed by
F.R. Cristi 63-66
Josef Seifert, Back to 'Things in themselves': A Phenomenological Foundation for Classical Realism.
Reviewed by
Dallas Willard 66-69
Richard Shusterman, T.S. Eliot and the Philosophy of Criticism.
Reviewed by
Roger Seamon 70-72
Martin Sicker, The Judaic State: A Study in Rabbinic Political Theory.
Reviewed by
Martin D. Yaffe 72-75
Joe Simmons, Vision and Spirit: An Essay on Plato's Warrior Class.
Reviewed by
Jane S. Zembaty 75-77
Walter Soffer, From Science to Subjectivity: An Interpretation of Descartes' 'Meditations'.
Reviewed by
Thomas L. Prendergast 78-80
Gregory J. Walters, Karl Jaspers and the Role of 'Conversion' in the Nuclear Age.
Reviewed by
William C. Gay 81-83
Alan R. White, Methods of Metaphysics.
Reviewed by
Janice Thomas 83-86

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