Vol 9, No 4 (1989)

Table of Contents

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Bernard Berofsky, Freedom from Necessity; The Metaphysical Basis of Responsibility
Reviewed by
Robert W. Binkley 129-131
Brian P. Bloomfield, ed., The Question of Artificial Intelligence: Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives
Reviewed by
Peter A. Facione 131-134
Hans Blumenberg, The Genesis of the Copernican World
Reviewed by
Martin Donougho 134-137
Alexander Broadie, Introduction to Medieval Logic
Reviewed by
J.A. Trentman 138-139
Pierre Clastres, Society Against the State: Essays in Political Anthropology
Reviewed by
David Schweickart 139-142
Lorraine Code, Sheila Mullett and Christine Overall, eds., Feminist Perspectives: Philosophical Essays on Method and Morals
Reviewed by
Catherine Bray 142-145
Michael Detlefsen, Hilbert's Program
Reviewed by
A.D. Irvine 145-148
Jacques D'Hondt, Hegel in His Time: Berlin 1818-1831
Reviewed by
Terry Pinkard 148-150
J.N. Hattiangadi, How is Language Possible? Philosophical Reflections on the Evolution of Language and Knowledge
Reviewed by
Michel Seymour 151-154
William G. Lycan, Consciousness
Reviewed by
George Graham 155-158
George E. McCarthy, Marx's Critique of Science and Positivism: The Methodological Foundations of Political Economy
Reviewed by
David Baxter 158-161
Diana T. Meyers and Kenneth Kipnis, eds., Philosophical Dimensions of the Constitution
Reviewed by
Alan S. Rosenbaum 161-164
David Novitz, Knowledge, Fiction & Imagination
Reviewed by
Göran Hermerén 164-166
David Z. Rich, The Dynamics of Knowledge: A Contemporary View
Reviewed by
Charles Ripley 167-169
Guy Sircello, Love and Beauty
Reviewed by
Jay E. Bachrach 169-173

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