Vol 9, No 7 (1989)

Table of Contents

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Ilham Dilman, Mind, Brain, and Behaviour: Discussions of B.F. Skinner and J.R. Searle.
Reviewed by
Deryl J. Howard 259-261
Melvin Feffer, Radical Constructionism.
Reviewed by
Donald Levy 261-266
Robert Hahn, Kant's Newtonian Revolution in Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Jacques N. Catudal 267-270
Deal W. Hudson and Matthew J. Mancini, eds., Understanding Maritain: Philosopher and Friend.
Reviewed by
Frederick J. Crosson 270-272
Michael S. Littleford and James R. Whitt, Giambattista Vico, Post-Mechanical Thought, And Contemporary Psychology.
Reviewed by
Thomas 0. Buford 273-275
Alasdair Macintyre, Whose Justice? Which Rationality?
Reviewed by
Garry M. Brodsky 276-279
John McMurtry, Understanding War.
Reviewed by
George H. Hampsch 280-282
J.C. Nyiri and Barry Smith, eds., Practical Knowledge: Outlines of a Theory of Traditions and Skills.
Reviewed by
Fred Adams 283-285
Kenneth Seeskin, Dialogue and Discovery: A Study in Socratic Method.
Reviewed by
Michael L. Gillespie 285-287
Stuart G. Shanker, ed., Gödel's Theorem in Focus.
Reviewed by
John F. Post 287-290
Mark C. Taylor, Altarity.
Reviewed by
Wilhelm S. Wurzer 290-293
Neil Tennant, Anti-Realism and Logic: Truth as Eternal.
Reviewed by
Alan Weir 293-296
J.E. Tiles, Dewey.
Reviewed by
Morris Grossman 296-299
A.T. Winterbourne, The Ideal and the Real.
Reviewed by
R.R. Wojtowicz 300-303

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