Vol 9, No 8 (1989)

Table of Contents

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Darrel E. Christensen, Hegelian/Whiteheadian Perspectives.
Reviewed by
George R. Lucas, Jr. 305-306
Fred Dretske, Explaining Behavior. Reasons in a World of Causes.
Reviewed by
Anne Jaap Jacobson 306-310
Richard Hayes, Dignaga on the Interpretation of Signs.
Reviewed by
Debabrata Sinha 310-312
Richard Kearney, Modern Movements in European Philosophy.
Reviewed by
John M. Carvalho 312-315
Christopher Kirwan, Augustine.
Reviewed by
Thomas A. Losoncy 315-318
J.K. Mason, Human Life and Medical Practice.
Reviewed by
Christine Harrison 318-320
Ernan McMullin, ed., Construction and Constraint: The Shaping of Scientific Rationality.
Reviewed by
Gary E. Overvold 321-323
J. Donald Moon, ed., Responsibility, Rights, and Welfare: The Theory of the Welfare State.
Reviewed by
Robert K. Fullinwider 323-325
Andrea Nye, Feminist Theory and the Philosophies of Man.
Reviewed by
Judith Butler 326-328
C.G. Prado, The Limits of Pragmatism.
Reviewed by
Richard Eldridge 328-330
Andy F. Sanders, Michael Polanyi's Post-Critical Epistemology.
Reviewed by
W. Gulick 330-333
Jean Schneider and Monique Leger-Orine, eds., Frontiers and Space Conquest: The Philosopher's Touchstone/ Frontières et Conquête Spatiale: La Philosophie à l'Epreuve.
Reviewed by
Carl Mitcham 333-335
James E. Thornton and Earl R. Winkler, eds., Ethics and Aging: The Right to Live, The Right to Die.
Reviewed by
Mark H. Waymack 336-338
D.D. Todd, ed., The Philosophical Orations of Thomas Reid: Delivered at Graduation Ceremonies in King's College, Aberdeen, 1753, 1756, 1759, 1762.
Reviewed by
Charles Stewart-Robertson 338-341
W.J. Van Der Steen and P.J. Thung, Faces of Medicine.
Reviewed by
Barry Hoffmaster 341-344

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