Vol 9, No 12 (1989)

Table of Contents

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Leah Bradshaw, Acting and Thinking: The Political Thought of Hannah Arendt.
Reviewed by
Peter Fuss 477-479
Frank Forman, The Metaphysics of Liberty.
Reviewed by
Kenneth F.T. Cust 479-480
Trudy Govier, Selected Issues in Logic and Communication.
Reviewed by
Dianne Romain 480-483
John Gray, Liberalisms: Essays in Political Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Kenneth F.T. Cust 483-485
Philip T. Grier, ed., Dialectic and Contemporary Science: Essays in honor of Errol E. Harris.
Reviewed by
John Burbidge 486-487
Michael P. Levine, Hume and the Problem of Miracles: A Solution.
Reviewed by
Terence Penelhum 487-489
John W. Murphy, Postmodern Social Analysis and Criticism.
Reviewed by
Angela Miles 490-492
Aleksandar Pavković, ed., Contemporary Yugoslav Philosophy: The Analytic Approach.
Reviewed by
Michael Detlefsen 492-496
Samuel Scolnikov, Plato's Metaphysics of Education.
Reviewed by
Anthony Preus 496-498
Dennis L. Sepper, Goethe contra Newton: Polemics and the Project for a New Science of Color.
Reviewed by
Roger Smook 498-501
Cyril Welch, Linguistic Responsibility.
Reviewed by
Robert Ginsberg 501-503
Andre Wylleman, ed., Hegel on the Ethical Life, Religion, and Philosophy (1793-1807).
Reviewed by
George di Giovanni 503-505
Michael J. Zimmerman, An Essay on Moral Responsibility.
Reviewed by
Raymond S. Pfeiffer 505-507

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