Vol 8, No 1 (1988)

Table of Contents

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Ronald Aronson, Sartre's Second Critique: An Explanation and Commentary.
Reviewed by
Joseph S. Catalano 1-3
Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy, The Liar: An Essay in Truth and Circularity.
Reviewed by
Bernard Linsky 3-5
Pierre Bourdieu, Choses dites.
Reviewed by
William James Earle 6-7
David Braybrooke, Meeting Needs.
Reviewed by
Rolf George 8-10
Steven M. Cahn, Saints and Scamps: Ethics in Academia.
Reviewed by
Arnold Wilson 11-13
C.J. de Vogel, Rethinking Plato and Platonism.
Reviewed by
Ronald M. Polansky 13-15
Allan Gotthelf, ed., Aristotle on Nature and Living Things: Philosophical and Historical Studies.
Reviewed by
R.J. Hankinson 15-17
George Grant, Technology and Justice.
Reviewed by
Peter C. Emberley 18-20
Ruth Grant, John Locke's Liberalism.
Reviewed by
Michael Lessnoff 20-22
Harold J. Johnson, ed., The Medieval Tradition of Natural Law.
Reviewed by
Peter P. Cvek 22-24
Benson Mates, The Philosophy of Leibniz: Metaphysical Underpinnings.
Reviewed by
Robert McRae 24-26
Michael Mitias, ed., The Possibility of the Aesthetic Experience.
Reviewed by
Stephanie A. Ross 27-29
Maurice Natanson, Anonymity: A Study in the Philosophy of Albert Schutz.
Reviewed by
Richard M. Zaner 29-31
Otto Pöggeler, Martin Heidegger's Path of Thinking.
Reviewed by
James Crooks 31-33
Zenon Pylyshyn, ed., The Robot's Dilemma: The Frame Problem in Artificial Intelligence.
Reviewed by
Robert Hadley 33-36
Stephen A. Resnick and Richard D. Wolff, Knowledge and Class: A Marxian Critique of Political Economy.
Reviewed by
Derek Allen 37-38
Michel Resnik, Choices: An Introduction to Decision Theory.
Reviewed by
Sheldon Wein 39
Mark C. Taylor, Deconstruction in Context: Literature and Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Richard Eldridge 40-42

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