Vol 8, No 4 (1988)

Table of Contents

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Joseph Agassi and Ian Charles Jarvie, eds., Rationality: The Critical View.
Reviewed by
Robert Jewell 119-121
E. Bencivenga, Karel Lambert, and Bas C. van Fraassen, Logic, Bivalence and Denotation.
Reviewed by
Alasdair Urquhart 121-123
Deryck Beyleveld and Roger Brownsword, Law As a Moral Judgment.
Reviewed by
Michael Hartney 124-126
Arthur Collins, The Nature of Mental Things.
Reviewed by
Felicity A. Watts 126-129
Roberta Imboden, From the Cross to the Kingdom.
Reviewed by
Sheila Mason Mullett 130-132
David Johnston, The Rhetoric of Leviathan: Thomas Hobbes and the Politics of Cultural Transformation.
Reviewed by
Michael Lesnoff 132-135
David Lamb, ed., Hegel and Modern Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Stephen Houlgate 135-138
Mohan Matthen, ed., Aristotle Today: Essays on Aristotle's Ideal of Science.
Reviewed by
David Charles 138-141
Sterling McMurrin, ed., Liberty, Equality, and Law.
Reviewed by
Mark Strasser 141-143
Toril Moi, French Feminist Thought.
Reviewed by
Andrea Nye 143-146
Spiro Panagiotou, ed., Justice, Law and Method in Plato and Aristotle.
Reviewed by
Richard Kraut 146-149
Joseph Raz, The Morality of Freedom.
Reviewed by
L.W. Sumner 149-152
Amartya Sen, On. Ethics and Economics.
Reviewed by
Peter Danielson 152-154
N.E. Simmonds, Central Issues in Jurisprudence.
Reviewed by
Kenneth Henley 155-157
Tom Sorell, Hobbes.
Reviewed by
Dudley Knowles 157-159

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