Vol 8, No 8 (1988)

Table of Contents

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Janet Ajzenstat, The Political Thought of Lord Durham.
Reviewed by
Leslie Amour 293-295
Robert Brown, Analyzing Love.
Reviewed by
Ronald De Sousa 295-297
J. Baird Callicott, ed., Companion to A Sand County Almanac: Interpretive and Critical Essays.
Reviewed by
Eugene C. Hargrove 297-299
Daniel C. Dennett, The Intentional Stance.
Reviewed by
Warren Dow 300-304
Andrew Harrison, ed., Philosophy and the Visual Arts: Seeing and Abstracting.
Reviewed by
Susan L. Feagin 304-306
David R. Hiley, Philosophy in Question: Essays on a Pyrrhonian Theme.
Reviewed by
Richard A. Watson 306-308
Douglas Beck Low, The Existential Dialectic of Marx and Merleau-Ponty.
Reviewed by
Leslie Mulholland 309-311
Catherine Osborne, Rethinking Early Greek Philosophy: Hippolytus of Rome and the Presocratics.
Reviewed by
M.R. Wright 311-313
Douglas V. Porpora, The Concept of Social Structure.
Reviewed by
Hilliard Aronovitch 313-316
Michael Redhead, Incompleteness, Nonlocality, and Realism: A Prolegomenon to the Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics.
Reviewed by
James Robert Brown, Kent A. Peacock 316-320
Holmes Rolston III, Environmental Ethics.
Reviewed by
Donald Scherer 320-322
David-Hillel Ruben, The Metaphysics of the Social World.
Reviewed by
W.E. Cooper 323-325
C.L. Ten, Crime, Guilt, and Punishment.
Reviewed by
R.A. Duff 325-327
Helene Vivienne Wenzel, ed., Simone de Beauvoir: Witness to a Century.
Reviewed by
S.E. Marshall 328-329
Peter Urbach, Francis Bacon's Philosophy of Science: An Account and a Reappraisal.
Reviewed by
Alexander RĂ¼ger 330-331
Jeremy Waldron, ed., Nonsense Upon Stilts: Bentham, Burke and Marx on the Rights of Man.
Reviewed by
Rex Martin 332-334

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