Vol 8, No 9 (1988)

Table of Contents

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Maeve Edith Albano, Vico and Providence
Reviewed by
Lawrence H. Simon 335-337
A.H. Coxon, The Fragments of Parmenides
Reviewed by
Carl A. Huffman 337-339
Ruth Gavison, ed., Issues in Contemporary Legal Philosophy
Reviewed by
Roger A. Shiner 339-344
Katharine Rose Hanley, A Study in the Theatre and Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel
Reviewed by
Donald M. MacKinnon 344-346
Denis J. Hilton, ed., Contemporary Science and Natural Explanation: Commonsense Conceptions of Causality
Reviewed by
Norman Swartz 346-348
Jeffrey C. Isaac, Power and Marxist Theory: A Realist View
Reviewed by
Jay Drydyk 348-351
John Marenbom, Later Medieval Philosophy (1150-1350), An Introduction
Reviewed by
Martin M. Tweedale 351-354
Michel Meyer, From Logic to Rhetoric
Reviewed by
John Woods 354-355
A.J.M. Milne, Human Rights and Human Diversity
Reviewed by
Richard Nunan 356-358
Richard D. Mohr, The Platonic Cosmology
Reviewed by
John Dillon 358-360
Keith Seddon, Time: A Philosophical Treatment
Reviewed by
George N. Schlesinger 361-362
Jean Starobinski, Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Transparency and Obstruction
Reviewed by
Christopher Kelly 363-365
Anna Whiteside and Michael lssacharoff, eds., On Referring in Literature
Reviewed by
Margaret Van de Pitte 365-369
T.C. Williams, The Unity of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
Reviewed by
Samuel Ajzenstat 369-371
John F. Wippel, Studies in Medieval Philosophy
Reviewed by
Joseph A. Buijs 372-374
Richard Wollheim, Painting as an Art
Reviewed by
Richard Eldridge 374-378

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