Vol 7, No 9 (1987)

Table of Contents

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Myles Brand and Robert M. Harnish, eds., The Representation of Knowledge and Belief.
Reviewed by
William Abbott 343-345
Leonard W. Doob, Slightly Beyond Scepticism.
Reviewed by
James W. Van Evra 345-346
Henry Louis Gates, Jr., ed., 'Race,' Writing, and Difference.
Reviewed by
George Lang 346-348
F.H. Hinsley, Sovereignty.
Reviewed by
Roger A. Shiner 348-349
Merrill B. Hintikka and Jaakko Hintikka, Investigating Wittgenstein.
Reviewed by
La Verne J. Denning 350-352
George F. Hourani, Reason and Tradition in Islamic Ethics.
Reviewed by
Barry S. Kogan 352-354
Janet A. Kourany, ed., Scientific Knowledge: Basic Issues in the Philosophy of Science.
Reviewed by
Paul A. Bogaard 355-356
David Farrell Krell, Postponements: Women, Sensuality, and Death in Nietzsche.
Reviewed by
Gayle L. Ormiston 357-359
Louis Mackey, Points of View: Readings of Kierkegaard.
Reviewed by
C. Stephen Evans 359-361
Richard C. McCleary, Imagination's Body.
Reviewed by
Arnd Bohm 362-363
Peter J. McCormick, ed., The Reasons of Art: Artworks and the Transformations of Philosophy / L'art a ses raisons: Les oeuvres d'art: défis a la philosophie.
Reviewed by
M.M. Van De Pitte 364-367
Jay Newman, Fanatics and Hypocrites.
Reviewed by
Béla Szabados 367-370
Tom Regan, Bloomsbury's Prophet: G.E. Moore and the Development of His Moral Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Dennis Rohatyn 370-372
Holmes Rolston, III, Science and Religion, a Critical Survey.
Reviewed by
E.J. McCullough 373-375
Jean-Paul Sartre, The Family Idiot. Gustave Flaubert 1821-1857. Volume II. Trans. Carol Cosman.
Reviewed by
Robert Wilcocks 375-377
Chhatrapati Singh, Law From Anarchy to Utopia.
Reviewed by
Joan L. McGregor 377-379
Peter Smith and O.R. Jones, The Philosophy of Mind.
Reviewed by
Stephen Talmage 379-381
Norman Swartz, The Concept of Physical Law.
Reviewed by
A.D. Irvine 381-383
Martin Tamny and K.D. Irani, eds., Rationality in Thought and Action.
Reviewed by
Marcus G. Singer 384-385
Jan Zwicky, Wittgenstein Elegies.
Reviewed by
Alex Neill 386-387

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