Vol 7, No 8 (1987)

Table of Contents

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Robert B. Ashmore, Building a Moral System.
Reviewed by
Neil W. MacGill 305-306
Robert C. Berwick, The Acquisition of Syntactic Knowledge.
Reviewed by
Merrie Bergman 307-309
David Braybrooke, Philosophy of Social Science.
Reviewed by
W.E. Cooper 309-311
A. Pablo Iannone, ed., Contemporary Moral Controversies in Technology.
Reviewed by
Carl Mitcham 311-313
Barry S. Kogan, Averroes and the Metaphysics of Causation.
Reviewed by
E.M. Macierowski 313-315
Helen Fay Nissenbaum, Emotion and Focus.
Reviewed by
Stephen R. Leighton 315-317
Kenneth F. Rogerson, Kant's Aesthetics.
Reviewed by
Theodore E. Uehling, Jr. 317-319
Holmes Rolston III, Philosophy Gone Wild: Essays in Environmental Ethics.
Reviewed by
Robert Elliott 319-322
Jean-Paul Sartre, The Freud Scenario.
Reviewed by
R.P. Nicholls 322-324
Carl Schmitt, Political Romanticism.
Reviewed by
Arnd Bohm 324-326
Calvin 0. Schrag, Communicative Praxis and the Space of Subjectivity.
Reviewed by
Stephen Galt Crowell 326-328
Georg Simmel, Georg Simmel: On Women, Sexuality, and Love.
Reviewed by
Deena Weinstein 329-331
R.W. Sleeper, The Necessity of Pragmatism: John Dewey's Conception of Philosophy.
Reviewed by
H.S. Thayer 331-333
Mervyn Sprung, The Magic of Unknowing: An East-West Soliloquy.
Reviewed by
Alan R. Drengson 333-337
Peter G. Stillman, ed., Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit.
Reviewed by
Martin Donougho 337-339
Hao Wang, Beyond Analytic Philosophy: Doing Justice to What We Know.
Reviewed by
A.C. Genova 339-341

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