Vol 7, No 6 (1987)

Table of Contents

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Lawrence C. Becker, Reciprocity.
Reviewed by
Ronald E. McLaren 219-221
Gray Cox, The Ways of Peace: A Philosophy of Peace as Action.
Reviewed by
Terrance R. Carson 221-223
R. Cummins, The Nature of Psychological Explanation.
Reviewed by
C.A. Hooker 223-228
Umberto Eco, Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages.
Reviewed by
Mark A. Cheetham 229-230
Maurice Friedman, Martin Buber and the Eternal.
Reviewed by
Joseph A. Buijs 230-232
Amedeo Giorgi, ed., Phenomenology and Psychological Research.
Reviewed by
Wilfred Schmidt 232-234
M. Glouberman, Descartes: The Probable and the Certain.
Reviewed by
Peter A. Schouls 235-237
Ira Gollobin, Dialectical Materialism: Its Laws, Categories, and Practice.
Reviewed by
Tony Smith 237-239
Robert B. Kruschwitz and Robert C. Roberts, eds., The Virtues: Contemporary Essays on Moral Character.
Reviewed by
Clifford Williams 239-241
Vincent Lemieux, Systèmes partisans et partis politiques.
Reviewed by
Paul Gagné 241-243
David Michael Levin, The Body's Recollection of Being: Phenomenological Psychology and the Deconstruction of Nihilism.
Reviewed by
Mark Packer 243-245
George E. Marcus and Michael M.J. Fischer, Anthropology as Cultural Critique.
Reviewed by
Claude Savary 246-249
Joseph Margolis, Pragmatism without Foundations.
Reviewed by
C.G. Prado 249-252
Peter J. Markie, Descartes' Gambit.
Reviewed by
Steven DeHaven 252-255
Gottfried Martin, Arithmetic and Combinatorics: Kant and his Contemporaries.
Reviewed by
Frederick P. Van De Pitte 255-258
Stephen Nathanson, The Ideal of Rationality.
Reviewed by
Vance Maxwell 258-260
Lawrence Sklar, Philosophy and Spacetime Physics.
Reviewed by
Ferrel Christensen 260-262

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