Vol 7, No 3 (1987)

Table of Contents

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Richard Cohen, ed., Face to Face with Levinas.
Reviewed by
Roland Paul Blum 93-95
Benoît de Cornulier, Effets de sens.
Reviewed by
André Leclerc 95-98
Arthur C. Danto, The Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art.
Reviewed by
B.R. Tilghman 98-100
Gilles Deleuze, L'image-temps: cinéma 2.
Reviewed by
Richard Baillargeon 100-102
Robert E. Goodin, Protecting the Vulnerable: A Reanalysis of Our Social Responsibilities.
Reviewed by
Sheldon Wein 103-104
John Horton and Susan Mendus, eds., Aspects of Toleration.
Reviewed by
Randal Marlin 105-107
Don Ihde, Consequences of Phenomenology.
Reviewed by
David Weinberger 108-109
Jerrold J. Katz, Cogitations.
Reviewed by
Peter A. Schouls 109-111
Michael J. Katz, Templets and the Explanation of Complex Patterns.
Reviewed by
Michael D. Resnick 112-114
Arthur Kroker and David Cook, The Postmodern Scene: Excremental Culture and Hyperaesthetics.
Reviewed by
Deborah Cook 114-116
Steven W. Laycock and James G. Hart, eds., Essays in Phenomenological Theology.
Reviewed by
Robert Luyster 116-118
Paul K. Mosher, Empirical Knowledge.
Reviewed by
Thomas C. Vinci 118-121
G.E.L. Owen, Logic, Science and Dialectic: Collected Papers in Greek Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Lloyd P. Gerson 121-123
Adrian Theodor Peperzak, System and History in Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Michael L. Gillespie 123-125
David Premack, Gavagai! or the Future History of the Animal Language Controversy.
Reviewed by
Philip Dwyer 125-127
John Roemer, ed., Analytical Marxism.
Reviewed by
Jay Drydyk 128-130
Frank Schalow, Imagination and Existence. Heidegger's Retrieval of Kant's Ethics.
Reviewed by
Murray Miles 130-132
Jean Theau, Certitudes et questions de la raison philosophique.
Reviewed by
Maurice Gagnon 132-137
Thomas G. West and Grace Starry West, trans. and annot., Plato: Charmides.
Reviewed by
John R. Wilson 137-138

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