Vol 7, No 2 (1987)

Table of Contents

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George Allen, The Importance of the Past.
Reviewed by
Thomas Langan 47-49
Julia Annas and Jonathan Barnes, The Modes of Skepticism: Ancient Texts and Modern Interpretations.
Reviewed by
Robert J. Fogelin 50-52
Francis X.J. Coleman, Neither Angel nor Beast: The Life and Work of Blaise Pascal.
Reviewed by
Diogenes Allen 52-53
K.G. Denbigh and J.S. Denbigh, Entropy in Relation to Incomplete Knowledge.
Reviewed by
Lawrence Sklar 54-55
Janine Fillion-Lahille, Le De ira de Sénèque et la philosophie stoïcienne des passions.
Reviewed by
Pierre Bellemare 56-60
John Forester, ed., Critical Theory and Public Life.
Reviewed by
Raymond Morrow 60-63
David Frisby, Fragments of Modernity.
Reviewed by
Deena Weinstein 63-65
S.A. Grave, A History of Philosophy in Australia.
Reviewed by
W.V. Doniela 65-67
Russel Hardin, John J. Mearsheimer, Gerald Dworkin, and Robert E. Goodin, eds., Nuclear Deterrence: Ethics and Strategy.
Reviewed by
William E. Seager 68-70
Donald N. Levine, The Flight From Ambiguity. Essays in Social and Cultural Theory.
Reviewed by
Gerd Schroeter 70-72
John D. McDermott, Streams of Experience. Reflections on the History and Philosophy of American Culture.
Reviewed by
Dennis Rohatyn 73-74
Mary Midgley, Evolution as a Religion: Strange Hopes and Stranger Fears.
Reviewed by
A. Olding 74-76
Antoine Prost, Eloge des pédagogues.
Reviewed by
Adele Chene 76-78
Nicholas Rescher, The Strife of Systems.
Reviewed by
Tom Settle 78-80
José Sánchez de Murillo, Der Geist der Deutschen Romantik: Der Obergang vom logischen zum dichterischen Denken und der Hervorgang der Tiefenphänomenologie.
Reviewed by
Arnd Bohm 80-81
George N. Schlesinger, The Range of Epistemic Logic.
Reviewed by
Roy A. Sorenson 81-83
Carl Schmitt, Political Theology.
Reviewed by
Felmon John Davis 83-85
Rogers M. Smith, Liberalism and American Constitutional Law.
Reviewed by
Richard E. Flathman 85-88
Johan van Benthem, Modal Logic and Classical Logic.
Reviewed by
Graeme Forbes 88-90
Robert Young, Personal Autonomy.
Reviewed by
Richard Keshen 90-92

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