Vol 7, No 1 (1987)

Table of Contents

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William Berkson and John Wettersten, Learning from Error: Karl Popper's Psychology of Learning
Reviewed by
Sheldon Richmond 1-3
Stephen E. Boër and William G. Lycan, Knowing Who
Reviewed by
Robert M. Martin 3-5
Edwin Curley, ed. and trans., The Collected Works of Spinoza, Vol. 1
Reviewed by
James C. Morrison 5-7
David J. Depew and Bruce H. Weber, eds., Evolution at a Crossroads: The New Biology and the New Philosophy of Science
Reviewed by
Kent E. Holsinger 7-9
Biancamaria Fontana, Rethinking the Politics of Commercial Society: The 'Edinburgh Review' 1802-1832
Reviewed by
Jeremy Rayner 9-11
John C. Gilmour, Picturing the World
Reviewed by
Susan L Feagin 16-19
K. Okruhlik and J.R. Brown, eds., The Natural Philosophy of Leibniz
Reviewed by
Catherine Wilson 11-13
Elizabeth Prior, Dispositions
Reviewed by
Fred Wilson 14-16
Thomas Puttfarken, Roger de Piles' Theory of Art
Reviewed by
Susan L. Feagin 16-19
John Rajchman and Cornel West, eds., Post-Analytic Philosophy
Reviewed by
Gary E. Overvold 20-22
Nicholas Rescher, ed., Current Issues in Teleology
Reviewed by
Michael Bradie 22-24
Raphael Sassower, Philosophy of Economics: A Critique of Demarcation
Reviewed by
J.T. Stevenson 24-26
Hugh J. Silverman and Don Ihde, eds., Hermeneutics and Deconstruction
Reviewed by
Joel Weinsheimer 26-28
Jocelyne Simard, Sentir, se sentir, consentir
Reviewed by
Suzanne Foisy 29-30
Quentin Skinner, ed., The Return of Grand Theory in the Human Sciences
Reviewed by
H.T. Wilson 31-33
Stephen P. Turner, The Search for a Methodology of Social Science: Durkeim, Weber and the Nineteenth-Century Problem of Cause, Probability and Action
Reviewed by
Ian Hacking 33-35
Donald VanDeVeer, Paternalistic Intervention: The Moral Bounds of Benevolence
Reviewed by
Douglas N. Husak 36-39
Ashok Vohra, Wittgenstein's Philosophy of Mind
Reviewed by
David Cockburn 39-41
Merold Westphal, God, Guilt, and Death
Reviewed by
Ken A. Bryson 41-43
A. L. Wigan, The Duality of the Mind: Proved by the Structure, Functions, and Diseases of the Brain and by the Phenomena of Mental Derangement, and Shown to be Essential to Moral Responsibility (ed. J.E. Bogan)
Reviewed by
David L. Thompson 43-45

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