Vol 6, No 9 (1986)

Table of Contents

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Karl-Otto Apel, Understanding and Explanation: A Transcendental Pragmatic Perspective.
Reviewed by
Patricia Hughes 413-415
Michael Arbib, In Search of the Person: Philosophical Explorations in Cognitive Science.
Reviewed by
Alison Gopnik 415-417
Anne Bayefsky and Mary Eberts, eds., Equality Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Reviewed by
André Gombay 418-420
Donald L. Berry, Mutuality: The Vision of Martin Buber.
Reviewed by
Michael Wyschogrod 421-422
Alan Blum and Peter McHugh, Self-reflection in the Arts and Sciences.
Reviewed by
Kenneth Dorter 423-425
Paul Carrick, Medical Ethics in Antiquity: Philosophical Perspectives on Abortion and Euthanasia.
Reviewed by
G.E.R. Lloyd 425-428
John J. Cleary, ed., Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium In Ancient Philosophy, Volume I: 1985.
Reviewed by
Jeff Mitscherling 428-430
Michel Delsol, Cause, loi, hasard en biologie.
Reviewed by
François Tournier 430-433
Norma E. Emerton, The Scientific Reinterpretation of Form.
Reviewed by
Francis Sparshott 433-435
Richard T. de George, The Nature and Limits of Authority.
Reviewed by
Christine Sypnowich 436-438
Mary Gibson, ed., To Breathe Freely: Risk, Consent, and Air.
Reviewed by
Patricia Williams 438-440
D.W. Hamlyn, Metaphysics.
Reviewed by
Anne C. Minas 440-442
Leon Ingber, L 'Egalité — Volume IX.
Reviewed by
Jocelyn R. Beausoleil 442-447
Terence Irwin, trans., Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics.
Reviewed by
Deborah K. Modrak 448-450
R. Kane, Free Will and Values.
Reviewed by
Clifford Williams 450-452
Claude Lagadec, La morale de la liberté, ses bases biologiques.
Reviewed by
Pierre Blackburn 452-454
David Lamb, Death, Brain Death and Ethics.
Reviewed by
Abbyann Lynch 454-456
Fred Wilson, Explanation, Causation and Deduction.
Reviewed by
Norman Swartz 456-458

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