Vol 6, No 7 (1986)

Table of Contents

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Peter Alexander, Ideas, Qualities and Corpuscles. Locke and Boyle on the External World
Reviewed by
E.J. Ashworth 321-324
C. Fred Alford, Science and the Revenge of Nature: Marcuse and Habermas
Reviewed by
David Ingram 324-326
Robert J. Antonio and Ronald M. Glassman, eds., A Weber-Marx Dialogue
Reviewed by
James Stolzman 326-328
David Best, Feelings and Reason in the Arts
Reviewed by
Richard Eldridge 329-332
Norman Daniels, Just Health Care
Reviewed by
Brian Cupples 332-333
Arthur C. Danto, Narration and Knowledge
Reviewed by
Jay E. Bachrach 334-336
Norma Haan, Elaine Aerts & Bruce A. B. Cooper, On Moral Grounds: The Search for Practical Morality
Reviewed by
Robert E. Carter 336-338
Martin Heidegger, Schelling's Treatise on the Essence of Human Freedom. Trans. Joan Stambaugh
Reviewed by
Peter Preuss 338-341
Anthony Kenny, The Ivory Tower: Essays in Philosophy and Public Policy
Reviewed by
Conrad G. Brunk 341-343
Oliver Leaman, An Introduction to Medieval Islamic Philosophy
Reviewed by
R.G. Wengert 343-345
Emmanuel Levinas, Ethics and Infinity
Reviewed by
Wanda Teays 346-347
Hugo A. Meynell, The Nature of Aesthetic Value
Reviewed by
Virgil C. Aldrich 348-350
H. A. Meynell, Religion and Irreligion
Reviewed by
C.G. Prado 350-351
Holmes Rolston, III, Religious Inquiry — Participation and Detachment
Reviewed by
Harold Coward 351-354
John Searle and Daniel Vanderveken, Foundations of Illocutionary Logic
Reviewed by
William K. Blackburn 354-356
Sydney Shoemaker and Richard Swinburne, Personal Identity
Reviewed by
Albert Shalom 357-360
Robert Sokolowski, Moral Action: A Phenomenological Study
Reviewed by
Robert Hanna 360-363
R.C. Stalnaker, Inquiry
Reviewed by
Jonathan Dancy 363-366

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