Vol 6, No 1 (1986)

Table of Contents

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T.W. Adorno, Aesthetic Theory
Reviewed by
Lambert Zuidervaart 1-3
Jean-Louis Allard, Jacques Maritain: philosophe dans la cité/A Philosopher in the World
Reviewed by
Pierre Fortin 3-4
Daniel Dennett, Elbow Room
Reviewed by
Mark Heller 5-7
Sarah Kofman, L 'enfance de l'art: une interrogation de l'esthétique freudienne
Reviewed by
Julien Naud 7-8
Colin McGinn, The Subjective View: Secondary Qualities and Individual Thoughts
Reviewed by
Rockney Jacobsen 9-11
Arne Naess, A Sceptical Dialogue on Induction
Reviewed by
Peter Turney 11-12
Kai Nielsen, Equality and Liberty: A Defense of Radical Egalitarianism
Reviewed by
Bruce Landesman 13-17
Richard Patterson, Image and Reality in Plato's Metaphysics
Reviewed by
Richard D. Parry 17-19
D.F. Pears, Motivated Irrationality
Reviewed by
Béla Szabados 20-23
Donald W. Pfaff, ed., Ethical Questions in Brain and Behaviour
Reviewed by
Paul Thompson 24-25
Marcel Rioux, Le besoin et le désir
Reviewed by
France Giroux 26-27
Christian Schmidt, La sémantique économique en question: recherche sur le fondement de l'économie théorique
Reviewed by
Pierre Blackburn 28-30
Edward Shils, The Academic Ethic
Reviewed by
Harold J. Johnson 30-33
H. Tarrant, From Scepticism to Platonism
Reviewed by
Julia Annas 33-35
Charles Taylor, Philosophical Papers. Vol. 1: Human Agency and Language. Vol. II: Philosophy and the Human Sciences
Reviewed by
Joseph Agassi 35-38
James E. Tomberlin and Peter van Inwagen, eds., Alvin Plantinga
Reviewed by
John King-Farlow 38-41
R.E. Tremblay, M.A. Provost et F.F. Strayer, Ethologie et développement de l'infant
Reviewed by
Diane Dubeau 41-43
Jeremy Walker, Kierkegaard: The Descent into God
Reviewed by
Maurice Carignan 44-46

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