Vol 5, No 7 (1985)

Table of Contents

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Philip C. Almond, Rudolf Otto: An Introduction to his Philosophical Theology
Reviewed by
Grace M. Jantzen 277-279
D.M. Armstrong and Norman Malcolm, Consciousness and Causality
Reviewed by
Karl Pfeifer 279-281
Albert Borgmann, Technology and the Character of Contemporary Life: A Philosophic Inquiry
Reviewed by
H.P. Rickman 281-283
David Charles, Aristotle's Philosophy of Action
Reviewed by
Michael J. White 283-286
Cécile Cloutier and Calvin Seerveld, eds., Opuscula Aesthetica Nostra: A Volume of Essays on Aesthetics and the Arts in Canada
Reviewed by
Mary Bittner Wiseman 286-290
John Gray, Hayek on Liberty
Reviewed by
Renato Cristi 291-292
Alison M. Jaggar, Feminist Politics and Human Nature
Reviewed by
Susan Sherwin 293-295
Joseph J. Levy et Henri Cohen dir., Darwin après Darwin
Reviewed by
Pierre Blackburn 295-298
Jean-François Malherbe, Epistémologies Anglo-Saxonnes
Reviewed by
Robert Nadeau 298-302
Charles J. McCracken, Malebranche and British Philosophy
Reviewed by
Richard H. Popkin 303-305
Izchak Miller, Husserl, Perception, and Temporal Awareness
Reviewed by
M.M. Van de Pitte 305-308
Richard Norman, The Moral Philosophers — An Introduction to Ethics
Reviewed by
J.C. MacKenzie 308-310
Derek Parfit, Reasons and Persons
Reviewed by
L.W. Sumner 310-313
Richard Schmitt, Alienation and Class
Reviewed by
George G. Brenkert 314-315
R.W. Sharples, trans., Alexander Aphrodisias' On Fate
Reviewed by
Joseph A. Novak 316-318
Irving Singer, The Nature of Love; Vol 1 Plato to Luther; Vol 2 Courtly and Romantic
Reviewed by
John McMurtry 318-320
Emilie Zum Brunn et Alain de Libera, Maître Eckhart, Métaphysique du Verbe et théologie négative
Benoît Garceau 321-322

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