Vol 5, No 6 (1985)

Table of Contents

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Bruce A. Ackerman, Reconstructing American Law
Reviewed by
Christopher B. Gray 231-233
G.P. Baker and P.M.S. Hacker, Language, Sense & Nonsense
Reviewed by
J.F.M. Hunter 234-237
Fred R. Berger, Happiness, Justice & Freedom: The Moral and Political Philosophy of John Stuart Mill
Reviewed by
D.P Dryer 237-239
Guy Bouchard, Le Procès de la métaphore
Reviewed by
André Leclerc 240-242
Cahiers de Recherche Sociologique, Vol. 1: Connaissance et sociéte; Vol. 2 (1) Le discours social et ses usages; Vol. 2 (2) Problèmes d'immigration
Reviewed by
Roberto Miguelez 242-244
M.J. Detmold, The Unity of Law and Morality: A Refutation of Legal Positivism
Reviewed by
J.E. Bickenbach 244-246
Joel Feinberg, Harm To Others: The Moral Limits of the Criminal Law
Reviewed by
W.J. Waluchow 246-249
Owen Flanagan, The Science of Mind
Reviewed by
William Bechtel 249-252
Martin Heidegger, The Metaphysical Foundations of Logic
Reviewed by
Dan Magurshak 252-254
Lewis P. Hinchman, Hegel's Critique of the Enlightenment
Reviewed by
A.W.J. Harper 254-257
Howard Kamler, Character and Personal Values
Reviewed by
Thomas Mathien 257-259
Johen Keane, Public Life and Late Capitalism: Toward a Socialist Theory of Democracy
Reviewed by
David B. Myers 260-262
Richard Kraut, Socrates and the State
Reviewed by
Andrew Jeffrey 262-264
Leonard Linsky, Oblique Contexts
Reviewed by
Thomas E. Patton 264-267
Donald Martel, L'anthropologie d'Althusser
Reviewed by
Marcel Rafie 267-269
Richard Shusterman, The Object of Literary Criticism
Reviewed by
Bruce Vermazen 269-271
Michael Theunissen, The Other: Studies in the Social Ontology of Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre and Buber
Reviewed by
Robert Burch 271-273
Jennifer Trusted, Free Will and Responsibility
Reviewed by
Michael Kubara 274-276

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