Vol 5, No 5 (1985)

Table of Contents

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William T. Bluhm, Force or Freedom? The Paradox in Modern Political Thought
Reviewed by
Hilliard Aronovitch 185-188
David Bolter, Turing's Man: Western Culture in the Computer Age
Reviewed by
Ken Warmbrod 188-190
R.G. Frey, Rights, Killing, and Suffering: Moral Vegetarianism and Applied Ethics
Reviewed by
Michael Allen Fox 190-193
Theodore F. Geraets, ed., l'esprit absolu/The Absolute Spirit
Reviewed by
Daniel 0. Dahlstrom 193-196
Moltke S. Gram, Direct Realism: A Study of Perception
Reviewed by
Georges Dicker 196-198
Martial Gueroult, Descartes' Philosophy Interpreted According to the Order of Reasons
Reviewed by
Frederick P. Van de Pitte 198-201
Albert 0. Hirschman, L'économie comme science morale et politique
Reviewed by
France Giroux 201-202
Martin Jay, Adorno
Reviewed by
Lambert Zuidervaart 202-204
Roberto Miguelez, Science, valeurs et rationalité
Reviewed by
François Tournier 204-207
David Miller, Anarchism
Reviewed by
Peter Danielson 207-210
Jon Barwise and John Perry, Situations and Attitudes
Reviewed by
Philip P. Hanson 210-212
Robert J. Richman, God, Free Will, and Morality
Reviewed by
Gary Watson 213-218
Husain Sarkar, A Theory of Method
Reviewed by
Alex C. Michalos 218-220
Zeev Sternhell, Ni gauche ni droite: L 'idéologie fasciste en France
Reviewed by
Joseph Pestieau 220-224
Peter Van Inwagen, An Essay In Free Will
Reviewed by
George N. Schlesinger 225-226
Michael Walzer, Spheres of Justice: A Defense of Pluralism and Equality
Reviewed by
Wesley E. Cooper 227-230

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