Vol 5, No 4 (1985)

Table of Contents

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Leonard Angel, The Silence of the Mystic.
Reviewed by
Jan Zwicky 139-141
Aristoteles, Kategorien.
Reviewed by
Pierre Bellemare 141-144
Myles Brand, Intending and Acting: Toward a Naturalized Action Theory.
Reviewed by
Irving Thalberg 145-147
Jacques Bouveresse, Le philosophe chez les autophages.
Reviewed by
François Latraverse 147-152
S. Carter, Dimensions of Moral Education.
Reviewed by
Howard Kamler 152-155
Paul M. Churchland, Matter and Consciousness.
Reviewed by
Steven DeHaven 155-159
Norman 0. Dahl, Practical Reason, Aristotle, and Weakness of Will.
Reviewed by
Mark Thornton 159-161
John Earman, ed., Testing Scientific Theories.
Reviewed by
Richard Otte 161-163
Lewis S. Ford and George L. Kline, eds., Explorations in Whitehead's Philosophy.
Reviewed by
James A. Keller 164-165
Joseph Margolis, Philosophy of Psychology.
Reviewed by
Stephen P. Stich 166-167
Sheila McLean and Gerry Maher, Medicine, Morals, and the Law; Michael Bayles, Reproductive Ethics; Douglas N. Walton, Ethics of Withdrawal of Life-Support Systems.
Reviewed by
Francis Myrna Kamm 168-173
Christopher Peacocke, Sense and Content: Experience, Thought and Their Relations.
Reviewed by
Michael Tye 173-175
Hilary Putnam, Raison, Vérité et histoire.
Reviewed by
Yvon Gauthier 175-176
Jay F. Rosenberg, Thinking Clearly About Death.
Reviewed by
Douglas N. Walton 176-178
Raman Selden, Criticism and Objectivity.
Reviewed by
Dabney Townsend 178-180
Bernard Semmel, John Stuart Mill and the Persuit of Virtue.
Reviewed by
W. Huggett 180-182
Peter Unger, Philosophical Relativity.
Reviewed by
Francis W. Dauer 182-184

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