Vol 5, No 3 (1985)

Table of Contents

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Henry Allison, Kant's Transcendental Idealism: an Interpretation and Defense.
Reviewed by
Nelson Potter 93-95
David Bloor, Wittgenstein: a Social Theory of Knowledge.
Reviewed by
S.E. Marshall 96-98
Tom Bottomore, ed., Modern Interpretations of Marx.
Reviewed by
Iris Marion Young 98-101
George G. Brenkert, Marx's Ethics of Freedom.
Reviewed by
John McMurtry 101-104
Nancy Cartwright, How The Laws of Physics Lie.
Reviewed by
Jeffrey Bub 104-107
James A. Diefenbeck, A Celebration of Subjective Thought.
Reviewed by
Peter Smale 107-109
Robert Eden, Political Leadership and Nihilism: a Study of Weber and Nietzsche.
Reviewed by
Richard S.G. Brown 110-111
Ivar Ekeland, Le Calcul, L 'Imprévu.
Reviewed by
François Lepage 111-113
David Gallop, Parmenides of Elea: Fragments.
Reviewed by
Mohan Matthen 113-116
Robert C. Holub, Reception Theory: a Critical Introduction.
Reviewed by
Holger A. Pausch 116-118
George Kateb, Hannah Arendt: Politics.
Reviewed by
Peter Fuss 118-120
Joseph Margolis, Culture and Cultural Entities.
Reviewed by
Jeff Foss 120-123
Ben Mijuskovic, Contingent Immaterialism: Meaning, Freedom, Time and Mind.
Reviewed by
William A. Shearson 123-124
Charles Parsons, Mathematics in Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Penelope Maddy 125-126
H.P. Rickman, The Adventure of Reason: The Uses of Philosophy in Sociology.
Reviewed by
Vincent Luizzi 127-128
Rolf Sartorius, ed., Paternalism.
Reviewed by
John D. Hodson 128-131
Claude Savary et Claude Panaccio, dir., L'idéologie et les stratégies de la raison.
Reviewed by
Josiane Boulad Ayoub 131-133
Herbert Schnädelbach, Philosophy in Germany.
Reviewed by
Peter Preuss 134-135
Timothy Sprigge, The Vindication of Absolute Idealism.
Reviewed by
Harold A. Durfee 135-138

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