Vol 5, No 2 (1985)

Table of Contents

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Richard E. Aquila, Representational Mind: A Study of Kant's Theory of Knowledge.
Reviewed by
Robert B. Pippin 47-49
O.K. Bouwsma, Without Proof or Evidence.
Reviewed by
J.F.M. Hunter 49-52
Robert D'Amico, Marx and Philosophy of Culture.
Reviewed by
Chris Leafloor 52-54
Max Deutscher, Subjecting and Objecting: an Essay on Objectivity.
Reviewed by
Gerald Vision 54-56
Daniel A. Dombrowski, The Philosophy of Vegetarianism.
Reviewed by
Mark Thornton 57-58
James Fishkin, Beyond Subjective Morality: Ethical Reasoning and Political Philosophy.
Reviewed by
Don Locke 59-60
Charles Guignon, Heidegger and the Problem of Knowledge.
Reviewed by
Harrison Hall 61-63
Elizabeth Labrousse, Pierre Bayle.
Reviewed by
Thomas M. Lennon 63-64
William L. McBride and Calvin 0. Schrag, eds., Phenomenology in a Pluralistic Context.
Reviewed by
Nicholas F. Gier 65-69
Alan Montefiore, ed., Philosophy in France Today.
Reviewed by
Charles Altieri 69-71
H.A. Nielsen, Where the Passion Is: A Reading of Kierkegaard's Philosophical Fragments.
Reviewed by
Alastair Hannay 71-74
Felix Oppenheim, Political Concepts.
Reviewed by
Robert F. Ladenson 74-76
Paul Phillips, Marx and Engels on Law and Laws.
Reviewed by
Philip T. Grier 76-78
Nicholas Rescher, Kant's Theory of Knowledge and Reality: A Group of Essays.
Reviewed by
Frederick P. Van De Pitte 79-80
Mark Roskill and David Carrier, Truth and Falsehood in Visual Images.
Reviewed by
Catherine Lord 80-82
Nathan Rotenstreich, Man and his Dignity.
Reviewed by
Cyril Welch 82-84
Jean Roy, Hobbes and Freud.
Reviewed by
Martin A. Bertman 84-86
Lawrence S. Stepelevich and David Lamb, eds., Hegel's Philosophy of Action.
Reviewed by
A.W.J. Harper 86-89
Nathan Tarcov, Locke's Education for Liberty.
Reviewed by
Peter A. Schouls 89-91

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