Vol 4, No 5 (1984)

Table of Contents

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Ted Cohen and Paul Guyer, eds., Essays in Kant's Aesthetics.
Reviewed by
Thomas E. Wartenberg 185-187
Hugh Collins, Marxism and Law.
Reviewed by
Philip T. Grier 187-190
Jacques Ellul, La subversion du christianisme.
Reviewed by
Joseph Pestieau 190-192
J.C.B. Gosling and C.C.W. Taylor, The Greeks On Pleasure.
Reviewed by
J.M.E. Moravcsik 192-196
H.S. Harris, Hegel's Development, T. II, Night Thoughts.
Reviewed by
Laurent-Paul Luc 196-197
Peter Lamarque, ed., Philosophy and Fiction.
Reviewed by
Lorraine Code 198-200
Thomas L. Lennon, John M. Nicholas and John W. Davis, eds., Problems of Cartesianism.
Reviewed by
Desmond M. Clarke 201-202
Emmanuel Lévinas, Transcendance et intelligibilité.
Reviewed by
Marc Renault 202-203
David Miller, Philosophy and Ideology in Hume's Political Thought.
Reviewed by
Bruce Hunter 203-206
Julius Moravscik and Philip Temko, eds., Plato on Beauty, Wisdom, and the Arts.
Reviewed by
Jeff Mitscherling 206-209
Eliane Mossé, Les riches et les pauvres.
Reviewed by
Stanley B. Ryerson 209-213
Gordon Nagel, The Structure of Experience: Kant's System of Principles.
Reviewed by
Paul Guyer 213-216
Rosemary Pattenden, The Judge, Discretion, and the Criminal Trial.
Reviewed by
Wilfrid Waluchow 217-219
R.A. Sharpe, Contemporary Aesthetics: A Philosophical Analysis.
Reviewed by
Mary Bittner Wiseman 219-221
Hugh J. Silverman, John Sallis and Thomas M. Seebohm, eds., Continental Philosophy in America.
Reviewed by
Wolfe Mays 221-223
Pierre Thuillier, Les savoirs ventriloques ou comment la culture parle à travers la science.
Reviewed by
Claude Savary 223-226
S. Waterlow, Nature, Change and Agency in Aristotle's Physics.
Reviewed by
Michael Ferejohn 226-230
John Sallis, ed., Husserl and Contemporary Thought.
Reviewed by
M.M. van de Pitte 230

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