Vol 4, No 4 (1984)

Table of Contents

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Annick Charles-Saget, l'Architecture du Divin: Mathématique et Philosophie chez Plotin et Proclus.
Reviewed by
Pierre Bellemare 139-141
Louis Dumont, Essais sur l'individualisme: Une perspective anthropologique sur l'idéologie moderne.
Reviewed by
Joseph Pestieau 142-144
Michel Foucault, This is not a Pipe.
Reviewed by
Petra von Morstein 144-147
Leonard Goddard and Brenda Judge, eds., The Metaphysics of Wittgenstein's Tractatus.
Reviewed by
James Bogen 147-149
Agnes Heller, A Theory of History.
Reviewed by
M.G. Anderson 149-152
John J. Jenkins, Understanding Locke.
Reviewed by
Douglas Odegard 152-153
Dominick LaCapra and Steven L. Kaplan, eds., Modern European Intellectual History: Reappraisals and New Perspectives.
Reviewed by
William R. Schroeder 154-156
Georges A. Legault et Maurice Gagnon, éds., Philosophie et éducation.
Reviewed by
Adèle Chené 157-158
Eugénie Lemoine-Luccioni, La robe.
Reviewed by
François Peraldi 158-161
Carol McMillan, Women, Reason and Nature.
Reviewed by
Naomi Scheman 161-163
Hugo A. Meynell, The Intelligible Universe.
Reviewed by
John Leslie 164-165
John Morreall, Taking Laughter Seriously.
Reviewed by
Jenny Teichmann 165-167
Jeffrie G. Murphy, Evolution, Morality, and the Meaning of Life.
Reviewed by
Joseph A. Buijs 168-170
L. Pompa and W.H. Dray, eds., Substance and Form in History: A Collection of Essays in Philosophy of History.
Reviewed by
Albert Fell 170-172
Régine Robin, L'Amour du yiddish.
Reviewed by
Marie Poirier 172-174
Irvin Rock, The Logic of Perception.
Reviewed by
Bonnie Thurston 175-178
Lewis Rowell, Thinking About Music.
Reviewed by
Randall R. Dipert 178-181
Francis Sparshott, The Theory of the Arts.
Reviewed by
John W. Heintz 181-183
H.G. Brack, Phenomenology of Tools.
Reviewed by
Robert Burch 183-184

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